Oil Filter - Rising Material Handling

Oil Filter, 1DZ2, 2Z, 3Z, 13Z, 14Z

Part Quality Genuine & Aftermarket
Applicable Model 5FD50-70, 7FD10-45, 8FD10-30, 8FG35-50…
Engine Model 1DZ2, 2Z, 3Z, 13Z, 14Z, 15Z, 1ZS, 1FS
Dimension 8cm x 8cm x 11cm
Weight <1.00kg

Oil Filter is function to prevent contaminants, dirt, and unburned fuel from circulating. The element only permits the infusion of new oil into the forklift engine and retains the dirt. This is the reason why the oil filter of forklift engine has to be cleaned or replaced after a certain amount of time.

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