Fan Blade - Rising Material Handling

Fan Blade

Part Quality Genuine & Aftermarket
Applicable Model 5FD10-45, 5FG33-45, 6FD10-45, 6FG10-30, 7FD10-30, 7FG10-45, 8FD10-30, 8FG10-30…
Engine Model 4Y, 5K, 1DZ, 2Z, 3Z, 11Z, 1ZS, 1FZ, 3F
Specifications OD = 16″
Dimension 41cm x 41cm x 8cm
Weight 1.00kg

Fan blade is a crucial part of the cooling system for the forklift engine. The fan operates in order to cool the radiator on the forklift. The forklift engine’s fan blade is attached to the water pump and is powered by the fan belt.

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