Clutch Plate - Rising Material Handling

Clutch Plate 10T

    Part Quality Genuine & Aftermarket
    Applicable Model 5FD10-30, 5FG10-25, 6FD10-30, 6FG10-25, 7FG10-30…
    Engine Model 4Y, 4P, 5K, 1DZ, 2J
    Specifications 11″X29mmX10Teeth
    Dimension 29cm x 29cm x 4cm
    Weight 2.54kg

    Clutch plate forklift or also known as “Clutch Disc Forklift” is a rotating plate covered with a friction material, such as asbestos, that is situated at the ends of the driveshaft and faces the engine flywheel. Forklift engine and transmission turn at the same speed when the clutch is engaged because the disc is compressed between the flywheel and the clutch pressure plate.

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